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Equal Pay Day 2022 - Date to be announced soon

We await the next ABS Average Weekly Earnings data to be released Mid August to allow WGEA to calculate 2022 Equal Pay Day, date. We will update as soon as known.

Equal Pay Day 2021 was 31 August 2021 #WhatsYourPayGap

Calling on all Australians to ask #WhatsYourPayGap in their workplaces and industries as a crucial step towards bridging this divide. Does your workplace measure and act to address its gender pay gap?  

Equal Pay Alliance          

The Equal Pay Alliance represents Australian employer and employee organisations, including business, union and community groups who have joined together to pursue practical action to ensure women’s work is properly valued and that decades of inequity are brought to an end.

Recently, the barriers holding women back from earning, saving and being valued fairly at work have been examined by several government reviews and parliamentary inquiries.

The Equal Pay Alliance is campaigning for the following:

  • Flexible work arrangements that don’t trade off wages and conditions for women and men with caring responsibilities
  • Improved quality, accessible and affordable childcare including out of school hours care
  • Improved equal employment opportunity practices in workplaces
  • Meaningful reporting by employers of equal pay and employment opportunities
  • A greater role for government agencies in promoting and implementing equal pay and employment opportunity programs in workplaces
  • Proper valuation and funding of wages and conditions for work traditionally carried out by women
  • More opportunities to build skills and participate in the workforce
  • Addressing the superannuation gap between men and women

BPWA EPD 2021 Media Release.pdf

2020 video message from BPW Australia President , Jacqueline Graham

The Gender Pay Gap Explained

Spread the news and make a clear statement on Equal Pay Day

Here is what you can do....

On Equal Pay Day, post one of our graphics, or take your own photo or video to post on your social media. Tell your friends, family and followers that it’s Equal Pay Day.  

Example post for employees: Today is #EqualPayDay! Women had to work an extra 61 days to earn the same amount as men. I’m going to WGEA’s website to find out if my employer has done a pay gap analysis and is acting on the findings #WhatsYourPayGap #GenderPayGap. @BPWAust @WGEAgency 

Example post for employers: Today is #EqualPayDay! This year’s theme is #WhatsYourPayGap. We will be joining the fight to close the #GenderPayGap by conducting a pay audit and taking action to close our organisation’s pay gap. @BPWAust @WGEAgency 

5 Things you should know about the Gender Pay Gap

1. The gender pay gap is not ‘equal pay’

2. The gender pay gap starts as soon as women and men enter the workforce

3. The gender pay gap affects men too

4. No industry or occupation is free from the hold of the gender pay gap

5. Everyone has a role to play in closing the gender pay gap

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