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Equal Pay Day 2022 - Date to be announced soon

We await the next ABS Average Weekly Earnings data to be released Mid August to allow WGEA to calculate 2022 Equal Pay Day, date. We will update as soon as known.

About Equal Pay Day  - 31st August 2021

The Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is the difference between women’s and men’s average weekly full-time equivalent earnings, expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings.

The national gender pay gap is calculated annually by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) using the Australian Bureau of Statistics' labour force data.

In 2021 we have a rise of 0.8 percentage points to 14.2% for the new national gender pay gap. This pay gap shows a greater disparity between men and women. Every industry in Australia has a full time pay gap favouring full-time working men , even female dominated industries such as health care and social assistance . Equal Pay Day will be on 31st August , marking the 61 additional days from the end of the previous financial year that women must work to earn the same pay as men. In 2020 the number of additional days was 59. 

The national theme for Equal Pay Day 2021 is #WhatsYourPayGap. WGEA are calling on all Australians to ask #WhatsYourPayGap in their workplaces and industries as a crucial step towards bridging this divide Does your workplace measure and act to address its gender pay gap?

Research proves that regular audits close the pay gaps faster . Main factors contributing to the gender pay gap are

  • discrimination and bias in hiring and pay decisions
  • women and men working in different industries and different jobs, with female-dominated industries attracting lower wages 
  • women's disproportionate share of unpaid caring and domestic work
  • lack of workforce flexibility to accommodate caring and other responsibilities, especially in senior roles 
  • women's greater time out of the workforce impacting career progression and opportunities

2021 Key Facts

  • The national gender pay gap is 14.20%. 
  • On average, women working full-time earned $1,575.50 while men working full-time earned $1,837.00.
  • Full-time average weekly earnings difference between women and men is $261.50.

Pledge to do one thing that will make your workplace more equitable before Equal Pay Day 2022.

Want some ideas? Here are some from Workplace Gender Equality Agency ( WGEA) 

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