It's time to stop short-changing women

Local | Women's Agenda: Women overtake men in the media, but not in pay or power

26 Aug 2013 3:58 PM | Anonymous member

by Folker Hanusch, University of the Sunshine Coast 27 May

Media Link: Women now outnumber men in the Australian media

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Women now outnumber men in the Australian media, but they are typically younger, earn less and have less powerful positions than male colleagues. At each of the editorial levels – rank-and-file, junior managers and senior managers – women have significantly lower salaries than men. Only one-third of them (35.6%) earn more than A$72,000 a year, compared with around half (53.1%) of male journalists. This is even more pronounced at the high end of the scale. A mere 1.2% of female journalists reported an income of more than A$144,000 a year. In contrast, 9.8% of men fell into this category.

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