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03 Sep 2013 9:15 AM | Anonymous member
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   Equal Pay Day 2013 Bulletin

Will you let 3rd September slip by without taking any action? This equal pay day reminds us of the 17.5% gender pay gap. May be we should just be grateful that it is less than Japan’s 28% or even Sweden’s 18.4%.

Our gender pay gap, based on average weekly earnings, means women earn
$266.20 less per week. A gender pay gap leads to more than reduced incomes – it also affects the status of women in society

At a recent Equal Pay Day event held in Perth by BPW WA one young girl heard some tips on negotiating, well aware that she was being paid less than her counterparts. Putting her best brave foot forward on her return to work she contacted her HR department, pointed out her job description, her level of responsibility compared to others, her impact on the business, and asked to be advised, in writing, why her salary was less than what she knew others were being paid. She succeeded in obtaining a $5000 annual increase.

Earning the same pay for delivering work of equal value should not rely solely on employee negotiating skills. We are asking all employers to Be Aware, Be Fair this year.

The gender pay gap crosses all sectors, and all sizes of business. BPW Australia continues to support the work of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency to ensure that the small and medium business sector has tools to readily assist them in making their workplaces gender fair. Equal Pay Alliance partner ecomicSecurity4women is focusing on women in small business at their twilight forum with Sydney University’s Women and Work Research Group on 4th September and at their Pay Equity Forum for small business in Melbourne on 5th September. Collaboration and shared resources are needed to make an impact on a pay gap that has remained constant for over 20 years.

BPW Australia clubs across the nation are hosting events - Perth, Geelong, Caboolture, Cessnock and Coffs Harbour to name a few – check out for details of how you can attend workshops, dinners, Q&As and sundowners. Don’t let the women you know be shortchanged – take some action this year. What can you do? Encourage others to join the Equal Pay Alliance – it is easy online; if you are holding an event send the details and I will share them; if you’ve already held an event – send me a few words and attach a photo; and if you have a success story let us know.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Sandra Cook
Equal Pay Alliance
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