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2013 | BPW WA | Equal Pay Day Event

BPW Western Australia | Equal Pay Day 2013 Event | Hosted by BPW Joondalup

“Photos by Lauren Bilaloski”

BPW WA marked equal pay day with a ‘meet and mingle” sundowner at Perth’s vibrant new venue “Space Cubed”, a space that encourages and supports innovation, co-working and collaboration. The event, hosted by BPW Joondalup, targeted two groups of women – those considering negotiating something better with their current employer in terms of flexibility and salary, and those women who are thinking of leaving their corporate roles, and planning their own start-ups. Gender pay inequity crosses all sectors and BPW champions  all working women – whether in the corporate sector, the small and medium business sector, or the self employed. The five specialist presenters offered advice, suggestions and gave concrete tools to ensure that equity is addressed:

The narrative:

1. Introduction - what is Equal Pay Day? Why does the gender pay gap still exist?

2. Negotiation with your employer, making a win-win case, plotting your approach, getting that payrise.

3. An employer's perspective on flexible work arrangements - how communication can help overcome the barriers.

4. Making the leap into your own business - following your passion, considering and managing the risks.

5. A banker's perspective - how to approach lenders for seed capital for your start-up.

6. Planning for your long term financial security when you start out in your business.

We now have at least 55 people who are not only aware of the gender pay gap but also have the resources to do something about it!

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