It's time to stop short-changing women

2021 EPD Events 

EPD event outcomes:

  • BPW Adelaide and WOB South Australia members met for a COVID-safe cocktail event
  • We heard from Dr Jill Gould's research on why it is important to focus on the gender pay gap, and what can be done to address it
  • Some suggestions from Dr Gould's research are to look into the pay gap in your organisation (has there been a pay audit, for example) and compare it with the data that is available across industries. Speak with your HR department and senior management - and provide them with some of the many resources that are available about why the gender pay gap matters. 
  • Each attendee then discussed their own background, experiences, and tips for how they have addressed gender inequality in their workplaces throughout their careers. We had a very diverse group of women, who had lots of experience to share.

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