It's time to stop short-changing women

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20 Aug 2013 8:11 PM | Anonymous member

And here’s why:

Women working full-time, year-round in Australia are paid only about 83 cents for every dollar earned by men – that’s $237.50 per week less than men’s average earnings.

  • Women have to work an extra 63 days to match what men earn in a financial year.
  • At an overall level, female graduates earn 96% of their male counterparts. Some women in CEO and finance positions earn less than half of their male equivalents.
  • The 17.2% gender pay gap is a national average that opens up to over 30% in some industry sectors.
  • The pay gap between men and women workers costs the Australian economy over $93 billion each year.
  • Australians want the gender pay gap to be addressed; 80% of the general community and 96% of the business community believe that action must be taken to close the gap.

It’s time to stop short changing women.
Equal Pay Day
1 September 2011

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